Friday, January 31, 2014

Frankenstein Study Helper

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley

People (both fictional and real-life) you should know from Frankenstein:

·      Victor Frankenstein: creator of the creature and protagonist of the story
·      Henry Clerval: Frankenstein's best friend who is murdered by the creature
·      Elizabeth Lavenza: lived with Frankenstein family; married Victor
·      Robert Walton: explorer who met Frankenstein on the Arctic ice
·      Margaret Saville: recipient of a series of letters from her brother, Robert Walton
·      Justine Moritz: wrongly executed for the murder of young William Frankenstein
·      Percy Shelley: famous real-life British poet and Frankenstein author’s husband
·      Felix De Lacey: unknowingly taught the creature to read and write
·      Alphonse Frankenstein: died of grief in his son's arms after learning that Elizabeth was dead
·      Caroline Beaufort: Frankenstein family matriarch; Victor Frankenstein’s mother
·      Mary Shelley: real-life author of the novel Frankenstein; she wrote the story while on vacation with Percy Shelley (her husband) and Lord Byron (her friend) while on vacation in Switzerland; both Percy Shelley and Lord Byron became world-famous British poets.
·      William Frankenstein: a young boy who was the creature's first victim

For the test, be prepared to write an essay to a question similar to the prompt below. We will discuss possible answers in class.

Describe the original personality of Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s creature, and the changes that occurred to the creature’s personality over the course of the novel.
In coming up with an answer, you might want to address the following questions: What was the creature like when he was first “born”? How did he change and why did he change? What was the creature like at the end of the novel? Be sure to mention the name of the novel and the name of the author somewhere in your answer. Also, you should give an example of an incident from the novel as an example that backs up your answer.

While reading and studying Frankenstein over the last few weeks, each student filled out answers to a Study Guide. Use the Study Guide to study for the test. If you lost your Study Guide, it appears below, complete with the answers to all of the questions:

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