Friday, January 31, 2014

I Have a Dream Close Read

I Have a Dream

Prior Knowledge: 
Who is Martin Luther King Jr.?  What do you know about him?

What is the central idea of King’s speech?  Support your answer with evidence from the text. 

What three outside historical documents does King explicitly refer to in his speech? 

Create a T-chart listing the injustices King mentions on the left side and the facets of his dream on the right side on the back of this page. (You will need this later).

Explain King's analogy between a financial transaction and the idea of justice.

Why does King keep repeating, “I Have a Dream” throughout his speech?

Find another example of repetition in the speech.  What is the significance of his repeating this word or phrase? 

On a separate sheet of paper:
Choose one significant aspect of King’s dream stated in this speech.  Has this aspect of his dream been fulfilled or delayed?  Write an argument using the text of the speech and one additional piece of research of current events to support your claim.  Use specific evidence from the speech and your source.  (1-page hand written, 40 points).

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